Puppies & Basic Manners And here our adventure begins…


There is nothing quite like the thrill of bringing home a new companion, whether it’s a new-to-everything puppy or a new-to-you adult dog.

Your path together starts here! Let me help lay the foundations for a joyful journey to come with puppy or new dog training packages!


Thinking ahead to the future?
Great job!

If you haven’t yet gotten your new companion, set yourself up for even better success with a New Pup Planning Consult! We’ll discuss how to find the perfect dog for you, covering everything from adoption at a shelter or rescue, to finding the right breed and breeder, how to prepare for puppy coming home, and answer any questions you may have.

The best training happens now!

Early training gives you and your pup structure and a powerful foundation of communication. We all know the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that is exceptionally true when it comes to training our dogs.

The best way to prevent problem behaviors is early training.


Puppy and Basic Manners training packages

My puppy and basic manners training packages make it easy for us to build the behavior you want from your new companion while strengthening your bond with scientifically-sound reward-focused training. Best of all, I tailor my training and recommendations to what YOU want from your new companion!


Want to build strong foundations for future fun like advanced training, therapy dog work or service dog work? We can do that!


Want to improve your new pup’s manners at home and reduce unwanted behaviors? Great!

Need to do both? Say no more!


Through my structured training packages I can introduce your puppy or new adult dog to:

  • Basic manners such as sit, down, come, focus on you and the foundations for “big dog” behaviors like polite walking
  • Great house skills such as going to and settling on their mat, playing politely with you, and how to make the right choices about chewing and pottying
  • Calmly accepting handling you might use at home, at the groomers or at the vet
  • Building comfort around being alone, including crate training

Ready to take your first steps on a life-long loving adventure with your new dog?

First, pick your level!

Fabulous Foundation Socialization Package

For Puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks

Did you know...

Between 2 and 4 months, puppies go through a period of development when what they learn about the world will impact who they become and how they behave as adult dogs?

Thoughtful socialization experiences during this time can set your puppy up for a more confident & happy adulthood. And how can you do that? With help from the Fabulous Foundations package! While we can teach our dogs companion skills (sit, down, stay, come, etc.) at any time in their lives, they only go through this developmental phase once, and this package helps you take the best advantage of this golden moment in your puppy's life.

4 weeks, 1 session per week

Package Includes:

  • 4 outside-the-home socialization sessions of private, customized coaching to teach you and your puppy how to confidently explore the world & get you started down the perfect path
  • Problem solving discussions for common early puppy behaviors like chewing, play biting & housetraining
  • 1 training bag 
  • Homework & information articles in digital or print form

$350 + tax

Castle Companion Package (Level 1)

For puppies 16 weeks+ or  adult dogs

Perfect for the new puppy or dog in your life! The Castle Companion Package helps your dog learn the skills we love our dogs to offer in our homes. From basic manners like sit and down, to problem prevention like drop it and leave it, to skills for care like accepting brushing and body handling, this package will help you shape a foundation for an amazing home companion!

Adventurer Package (Level 2)

For puppies 5 months+ or adult dogs who already have learned basic skills

It’s great to have solid skills in the home, but if you want to have a dog you can rely on anywhere, you need to take your training on the road. The Adventurer package takes the amazing skills learned by a Castle Companion and introduces distractions and outdoor environments to make those behaviors stay strong no matter where your journey takes you! Perfect for Castle Companion graduates or for more experienced dogs and puppies who need help learning to do as well outside the house as they do inside.

Not sure if you qualify for Adventurer?

Castle Companion & Adventurer Packages offered as either Day Train or Hybrid Coaching (see below)

Next, pick your path!

Day Training

The perfect path if you want great behavior from your dog but don’t have much time to work with them yourself OR you simply want the advantage of having an expert do your training for you!

With Day Training, I do the “heavy lifting” for you! I come to your home 4 times/week for 1-hour sessions. During three of those weekly sessions, your dog and I work together while I introduce new behaviors, add cues, and practice in a variety of ways just as I would with my own dog. You do not even have to be there (although you are more than welcome to watch!). Then, for one last meeting per week, you and I work together to transfer the skills your pup learned that week from me to you!

The quickest, most efficient way for your dog to learn!

4 weeks, 4 sessions per week + 2 follow ups

Package includes:

  • 19 hours total (1 initial visit, 16 training sessions, 2 follow ups) over 2 months of support
  • 1 training bag
  • Homework, video tutorials, and educational information in digital and/or print
  • Access to weekly virtual Office Hours for extra support throughout package


$2,360 + tax*

Private Coaching (In-Person/Online Hybrid)

This is a great path if you want to be hands-on throughout your dog’s training. You and your pup journey together as you meet with me regularly for private coaching session during which I show you how to train for the behaviors you want.

In this unique, hybrid online/in-person package, we meet once a week for your coaching session, alternating between virtual sessions to build foundations (which allows you to really focus on your dog and your learning with minimal distractions AND gives you access to session recordings for later review), followed by in-person meet-ups to practice and perfect your skills in real-world scenarios (meeting either at your home or in outside environments nearby).

A great way to gain confidence alongside your dog and build reliable behaviors!

8 weeks, 1 session per week (4 virtual, 4 in-person) + 2 follow ups

Package includes:

  • 11 hours total (1 initial visit, 8 training sessions, 2 follow-ups) over 3 months of support
  • 1 training bag
  • Homework, video tutorials, and educational information in digital and/or print
  • Access to weekly virtual Office Hours for extra support throughout package


$920 + tax*

*Payment plan options available for all packages over 4 weeks

You can even add some extra umph to your package with these awesome add-ons!

Socialization Field Trip

An ideal add-on to a Castle Companion Package for a new puppy. Socialization during puppyhood is one of the best ways we can help our dogs become calm, confident companions as they mature. But there is a right way and a wrong way to socialize, and I can help show you how. During a Field Trip, I take your puppy to a new location away from home and we focus specifically on socialization. From meeting new people, seeing cars, bikes and other weird human things, to maybe even meeting other critters like safe dogs or horses, Field Trips provide special experiences to boost your pup’s confidence.

1-hour (coaching or day train)



Add-On Week

Got some extra special plans for your new dog or puppy and want time to focus on that beyond basic training? Add on an entire extra week of day training time.

4 1-hour visits


Add-On Visit

Want to ensure extra time for additional questions or coaching? Add on an extra 1-hour visit to any package.

1-hour consult or training visit