The Joy is in the Journey Together

We bring dogs into our lives with dreams of joyful companionship.

But sometimes the journey between first steps and perfect partnership feels daunting.


Luckily, you don’t have to travel alone...

Let me be your guide to discovering the dog of your dreams!


Contact me to start your quest to a harmonious relationship with your dog 1-505-219-5283


Meet Your Dog Training Goals

Whether your quest is for a companion pet you can trust & take anywhere, or you are at the start of the unique journey to prepare a dog for service work, I can help get you to your goals with fun, friendly positive-reinforcement training.

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How Can Quest Dog Training Help You?


Puppies & Basic Manners

Your path together starts here! Let me help lay the foundations for a joyful journey to come with puppy or new dog training packages


Assistance Dog Training

Ready to embark one of the greatest journeys you can take with your dog? I'm here to guide you through owner-training your own service or assistance dog.


Therapy Dog Prep

Gain confidence as you prepare for team testing to become a working Therapy or Visiting Dog team. Also great preparation for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.


Problem Solving

If you or your pup are struggling with issues like barking, jumping, polite in-home behavior, fear or reactivity on leash, we can tailor a custom plan to get you the help you need!


Why Quest?

Because your training journey with your dog is not just about the behaviors you teach, it’s about the relationship you build along the way. I’m here to help ensure you have the best training adventure possible with your companion and come out the other side with both the behaviors and the bond you want.

Learn more about what it means to Quest with your dog & about me as your trainer.


Quest Training Areas

I offer in-home private training in Albuquerque, the east mountain area (Cedar Crest, Tijeras, Edgewood & Moriarty) and Santa Fe. I also work with service dog teams from around Northern New Mexico.

Outside my area but want to learn if you and your dog can join our Quest? Contact me today so we can discuss!